• Contchart Hamburg GmbH & Co. KG was founded in March 2012 by Thien & Heyenga Bereederungs- und Befrachtungsgesellschaft mbH; the business activities started on 1st April 2012.

  • In October 2012, MPC Münchmeyer Petersen Steamship GmbH & Co. KG, who beforehand agreed to market its container vessels and bulk carriers together with Ahrenkiel Shipmangement, joined Contchart Hamburg by taking a 50% share of the chartering company.

  • GB Shipping & Chartering GmbH & Co. KG became a new partner of the joint venture in November 2012. Therefore, the name Contchart Hamburg was changed to Contchart Hamburg Leer GmbH & Co. KG and the three partners became equal shareholders.

  • In April 2014 Thien & Heyenga together with a joint venture established by the MPC Group merged its activities with the Christian F. Ahrenkiel Group, thereby pooling the fleet of Ahrenkiel Shipmanagement, MPC Steamship and Thien & Heyenga. The activities of the newly formed Ahrenkiel Steamship Group, which is operating under the traditional Ahrenkiel banner, include ship management and ownership of maritime assets.

  • Nowadays, Contchart manages a fleet of about 100 ships with a team of 16 experienced Brokers and Operators.
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Contchart was founded in spring of 2012 with the aim of gaining a stronger market position and a wider commercial presence in the fast changing and challenging world of today’s shipping industry.

By bringing together the competence and experience of the long-standing independent shipping companies of Thien & Heyenga, MPC Münchmeyer Petersen and GB Shipping & Chartering in autumn 2012 Contchart has been able to strengthen its global market presence and to enhance the efficiency of its working processes and economic aspects. The large fleet of diversified vessels managed, as well as the experienced team of Contchart enables Contchart to offer its clients a quality-oriented, personalized and independent service.

It is our desire to be a first class tonnage partner and chartering manager with a strong and detailed market insight for customers alike providing ease of business, transparency, personalized service, and a quality product.

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